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b.creative teams up with the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency to contribute to Startup:CON on 19-20 November 2018 in Seoul. Startup:CON is an annual conference organised by KOCCA dedicated to culture and creative entrepreneurship. It will be attended by more than 1,000 start-ups and entrepreneurs from South Korea and abroad. The b.creative delegation will participate as main speakers and panelists to the event in order to give a European perspective on cultural and creative entrepreneurship.

b.creative facilitates the convergence of various artistic and creative competences, technical, scientific and entrepreneurial skills in order to generate social and economic innovation. The event aims to influence policy makers and involve citizens to ensure that creative ideas permeate societal development.

b.creative network

b.creative addresses several issues:

      • The power of creativity in shaping tomorrow’s social and economic innovation
      • The role of policies in enabling creative entrepreneurs to create wealth
      • The contribution of creative entrepreneurs to urban living and social cohesion
      • How to reconcile wealth creation with sustainability
      • The promotion of intercultural exchanges and cross-disciplinary activities

b.creative is built on a community of around 2200 creative entrepreneurs, networks and associations throughout the world.


b.creative values cultural diversity by inviting creative professionals from a variety of cultures and nationalities to share their practical experiences.


b.creative is conceived to facilitate maximum interactivity among participants. The event’s format proposes a wide range of activities from panels and debates to workshops, network fairs and speed networking sessions. It is all about participants having fun and feeling engaged. Panel discussions are moderated.


b.creative associates participants from a wide spectrum of creative professions (artists, designers, architects, cultural managers, representatives of creative hubs and fablabs) with cultural policy makers, scientists, engineers, investors and academics. Transdisciplinarity is essential in designing approaches that best support creative entrepreneurship.


b.creative calls on artistic intervention to create and stimulate a friendly and relaxed atmosphere conducive to sharing.

The team

b.creative is organised by KEA –  a research centre, based in Brussels and Shenzhen, specialised in advising territories and organisations on culture and creative industries’ policies since 1999. KEA has solid experience in working with policy makers throughout the world on creative economy. Publications are available on

KEA is involved as initiator or scientific coordinator in various high profile international projects related to transdisciplinary collaborations between art, science, technology and business. For instance:

KEA has an unparalleled network of industry contacts. In 2012, KEA established an office in Shenzhen (China).

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