1st place



A design and digital fabrication studio situated inside a refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece.

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2nd place

Transport bike for disabled children

The Netherlands / Burkina Faso

A prototype for a locally produced and affordable bicycle to transport disabled children in Burkina Faso.

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3rd place


UK / Nigeria

A digital showcase platform for African comics, video games and animation.

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3rd place

Placemaking Nairobi

Kenya / Italy

A participatory project which aims to empower youth to create self-sustainable public spaces with the help of virtual reality and new media.

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Other shortlisted projects



A repository of e-books, a publishing platform, an e-reader and a content curator for English, Amharic and other Ethiopian language books and publications.

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iScream Box


A concept for an interactive audio-visual installation in public space.

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Germany / Peru

An awareness-raising and sales platform for sustainable rings.

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France / Italy / Turkey

A project that promotes cultural and environmental education through culturally meaningful children clothes.

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Brazil / India / USA

An alternative, digital and interactive model of learning focused on upskilling and reskilling youth in a technologised and highly dynamic society.

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A creative and interactive programme to explore the potential of museums and other cultural institutions as centres for health and well-being.

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