Li Yu

Speculative Designer

Li Yu is a speculative designer, interdisciplinary researcher and citizen scientist. Born in the Himalaya mountains, she is now based in Switzerland. She travels frequently between Shenzhen, Europe and San Francisco for design prototyping and technology foraging.

Li Yu researches the burgeoning areas of advanced science technology and speculative design, and their fascinating intersection where our unlimited imagination meets the fast pacing science technology development. She uses design as a method of investigation, while implementing emerging technologies and exploring possible future scenarios. Li Yu collaborates with scientists and engineers from various fields include biotechnology, aerospace, artificial intelligence and computer science.

Currently, Li Yu works at EPFL+ECAL Lab as a researcher and designer. She holds a BA in Interior Design from Yunnan University and Visual Communication from Caen University and a MA in Media Design from HEAD-Geneva.

Her work is exhibited internationally, in places such as MUDAC Lausanne, Ventura Lambrate in Milan and the French Design Biennale in Saint Etienne.

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